Monday, June 20, 2011

If you are wondering why I didn't...

leave out on June 15th like I had hoped to, then continue reading!

To say I've been on a rollercoaster of plans would be an understatement! Last week was one of those weeks where you can't eat, sleep, or think. I was getting shots, trying to send forms here and there, emailing constantly, and waiting to see if I had a flight to leave on June 15th. There was an 80% chance that I would get on the plane and not return until July 25th. I had a lot to take care of before I could leave for a month and a half!

I didn't find out about leaving on the 15th until the Wednesday before. I had one week to get it together. Kelly had called about leaving with a team of 3 to Ethiopia because our friend and co-team member Ashli needed help at an orphanage. She mentioned babies dying and laying in their own feces and I was ready to leave on that plane.

I have to take a minute to be honest here. I had a lot of selfish thoughts after I committed to leaving out on the 15th. It was like even though I know my heart and I know God created me with intense passion for hurting children, there was still a part of me not wanting to give up my summer. I am a teacher and have the summers off to enjoy! I could go swimming, play with friends, go to concerts, tutor, even make extra cash! There was a little part of me hoping just like Abraham did with Isaac that I wouldn't have to venture off before I had a little summer to myself. It is cold and rainy in Ethiopia! There would be nothing like a summer there. I told you I was having selfish thoughts. I literally was ready to go up until the flight departed. I was on the edge of my seat, anxious, excited, guilty, prayerful, hopeful, and waiting. I knew once I got on the plane and away from my comforts here that there would be no question about going. When the travel agent said there wasn't going to be a seat I felt relief. I also felt sad though. As much as I wanted my summer, I also wanted to put clean diapers and clothes on those babies. I wanted to hold them in my arms and rock them to sleep. I wanted to kiss them and love them because they have never felt the warmth of love. I was torn.

I told the agent to book my flight for July 1st. I knew of another team leaving then, so I wouldn't have to travel alone. So, now I wait for that day. I'm already packed. I have my second dose of shots. I'm ready!!

This is the part where I really need your help! I am so blessed to have an angel offer to pay for the plane ticket now and me pay it back when I get the money from you guys supporting me. Please consider helping me get to Ethiopia!! The plane ticket is right around $2,000. Any donation helps!!! Even if it is just $5! Please Please Please help!! If you would like to donate and get something for your buck then check out the Ordinary Hero store. I receive 40% of sales, plus if I am in the top three sellers I receicve and extra $500!!!!!! Do you know how much that would help me?! Just be sure to put my name (Caitlin Cooley) in the affiliate drop down menu so I get the credit!!

Thank you so much for reading, caring, and praying for me and the orphans.


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