Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why you want to help orphans in Ethiopia...

I want to quickly share a story with you.

Yesterday I woke up pumped because the day before a 14 year old girl had donated $100 towards my mission trip. Along with that, her parents matched it and the donation doubled. I've not even met her parents! So, I went about my day floating because I knew God had his hand in this. You see, I doubt sometimes that God is involved. I doubt that he cares. I question if he really wants me to even go to Ethiopia.

But then I dive into my Bible and it all becomes clear again.

As I was floating yesterday morning my old pastor and dear friend, Tim, had posted the video of my last years trip on his FB account. A lady whom I'd never met posted about the video. She was questioning the trip and made some very valid points. She asked why would I pay $3000 to go to this country if I could just raise that money and give to them. She also mentioned them needing to be fed before they can hear God's word. Now, at first I was taken by surprise and not necessarily happy about her words. Then, God stepped in. What I began typing back to her was straight up from the Holy Spirit. I explained how when we go there we take food, clothing, diapers, formula, and even buy washing machines. I also explained how corrupt the government was over there and that is why we can't just send the money. I told her that we had to actually go and be the hands and feet to the least of these. I'll have you know that by the end of our writing back and forth, the lady donated money to my trip.

I was floored.

If that wasn't enough, Tim messaged me later on to tell me that the lady was a distant relative and was actually agnostic. He told me he could tell that it was the Holy Spirit driving my words back to her and he was floored as well.

It's not only about the orphans but also about the people you meet along the way. There are so many crazy stories like this one I could share from last years experience as well. God shows up and he shows out.

I'd like you to really consider being a part of this ministry with me. Whether you prayerfully or monetarily give, you have an opportunity to change lives. This is just a one time gift so there is no hassling or remembering to pay next time either. I really can't do it without help. I don't have a secret stash of "just in case" money. I'm completely depending on God to provide and I can't wait to see how he shows out.

You can donate online

Our trip is with Ordinary Hero.
On the 4th line make sure to choose yes and type in my name (Caitlin Cooley)so I receive the donation.

Thank you in advance to anyone who considers helping!! You are an Ordinary Hero!


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