Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back so soon?

So, unexpectedly I sit in DC. I'm back sooner than expected. Much sooner than expected actually, but I believe I did the right thing by coming back. Many things were happening here in the states that drew me back here. Anyways, that is the least important part of this blog...

I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful little girl named Kidist. She is around seven years old and lives at the orphanage we worked at each day. She is a beautiful little girl and loves singing and playing with her friends. Lately she has had to go to the dentist for an abcest tooth. It has been very painful for her. She has recently gotten access to a toothbrush and toothpaste, but after seven years of not brushing there are still so many cavities. The last day I was in Ethiopia I had the opportunity of taking Kidist to the dentist. They did a full cleaning and then pulled the abcest tooth. I won't tell you details, but the post tooth pulling scene was so terrible I had to turn away. These children have serious infections. The positive side is that there is hope. After we were finished and went to pay it cost 600 birr. Now, that may sound like a lot, but in US dollars it is a little less than $10! There is no TennCare there, BUT there is us who have $10 and even more $$ to spare for a little orphan to visit the dentist or even doctor if they need to!

So, even though I am in the states I am still going to be helping my beautiful orphans in Ethiopia. Please let me know if you are interested in donating an appointment or even ten appointments to an orphan!!! This is an awesome opportunity to help greatly. Without our help the girls living there now (there are 5 girls there now)are paying for each orphan to visit the dentist or doctor.

Another great oppurtunity to help is by sending over donations of clothes and shoes for toddlers to teenage aged boys and girls. Infants and babies have clothes and shoes but the older kids do not. With winter approaching we really need to get those over there for them. There is another team leaving on July 15th, so let me know if you are interested and I will find a way to get stuff to a member going then.

Thank you all for keeping up and caring.
Love Cait

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